Why Retirement Coaching?

6 Common Mistakes People Make About Retiring

  1. Expecting All Unscheduled Time Will be Fun and Rewarding.
  2. Not Taking The Time to Discover New Directions and Purpose.
  3. Hoping That Having No Responsibilities Will be a Relief.
  4. Assuming It Will Be Easy to Fill in One’s Day.
  5. Allowing Fear to Inter(fear) With Pursuing One’s Dreams.
  6. Not Seeking the Professional Expertise of a Retirement Coach.

Leisure for the new retiree is not disengagement from life,
but rather a means of gaining heightened engagement with life!

Most people work 9-5 and have had to follow others’ rules, schedules and demands; at work they were ‘outer-directed’. With so many years to look forward to, creating a successful retirement challenges those who have not had to plan their OWN day and fill their OWN time. It requires creative self-ownership and developing ‘inner-directed ‘skills.

Initially, there is excitement and relief to not report to a boss every week day. For some, there is euphoria when the office keys are handed over, the desk is cleaned out, and you leave for home. With free time and no where you have to go and no one you have to be accountable to, life couldn’t be better!

Maintaining a positive attitude may seem impossible without one’s work identity. Questions about “Who am I?” and “What am I supposed to do now?’ are common. You may feel lost when faced with the challenge of structuring your day. How can I find new sources of meaning, engage in new activities, and negotiate new friendships? Normal anxiety can escalate, be overwhelming and interfere with your ability to connect with others and enjoy life’s treasures.

Retirement can be harder than it seems! If you have been primarily identified with your job and career, this transition can be extremely difficult. If you have struggled with assertiveness before retirement, finding your way out in the world may be challenging. Although not often recognized, a grief period can follow the end of work.

After taking the Retirement Success Profile, Retirement Coaching helps you accept what is, make plans and move on.

  • Retirement Coaching can facilitate a smoother transition from from work to personal and social interests.
  • Retirement Coaching prepares you for the best possible retirement outcome: a calm inner self, healthy and sustaining relationships, meaningful activities, a sense of purpose, belonging and mattering.
  • Retirement Coaching helps you create and live a balanced life.

Psychotherapy Combined with Retirement Coaching

I incorporate over 34 years of clinical knowledge as a psychotherapist in my role as Retirement Coach. I provide support, guidance, and direction in determining your specific retirement goals. My skills and training help you navigate challenging areas and plan a creative, successful, meaningful, happy future.

We may cover the following topics:
What does my ideal retirement look like?
How much do I see my work as defining who I am?
What are the ‘life challenges’ that I see in my retirement?
What new interests or ventures would I like to pursue?
What has typically given me happiness and what gets in my way?
How well do I take care of my health?
What ‘lights my fire’ of passion when I get up in the morning?
How will I find connectedness; friends, volunteer work, part-time work in my retirement?