The LifeOptions Profile

The LifeOptions Profile is another lens to many of the same issues highlighted in the RSP and specifically designed and utilized with group, corporate / organizational settings. The Retirement lifestyle topics covered lend themselves to open discussion. The LifeOptions Program offers:

  • A clear, concise yet comprehensive overview of the participant’s ideas about, and planning for, their ideal lifestyle.
  • A personal, practical self-portrait of the individual’s overall needs for those who are contemplating a transition from their current full-time work into a lifestyle change.
  • The most accurate personal data possible so that participants can make the best retirement lifestyle decisions.
The LifeOptions Profile (LOP). This is a 99-item educational assessment instrument covers 20 separate lifestyle and attitudinal factors that are arranged into 6 sub-sections or life arenas (career and work, health and wellness, finances and insurance, family and relationships, leisure and social, personal development).

The Profile is taken over the Internet and generates a 10 page personal document that gives short descriptions of each of the 20 factors that are applicable to each participant.

The information provided gives the participant a clear, well-ordered, and scaled overview of how s/he compares to others in a similar life circumstance regarding their personal growth toward the life transition we call retirement.

It is completely individualised, neither encourages nor discourages early retirement, when to retire, nor does it assume a particular type of retirement. There is no right or wrong response to the LOP; in fact it encourages personal diversity and empathy for individual variation.

The Profile may be a first course on retirement planning then followed by a second course using the Retirement Success Profile Program.

The Companion Book: What Colour is Your Retirement? – the LifeOptions guidebook to discover, plan and live your retirement dream. This 170-page, proprietary book is written by Richard P. Johnson, Ph.D., and used exclusively as an adjunct, supportive document for the LifeOptions Profile. The book is divided into the same 20 factors organised into the same six sections or life arenas, and in the same order as is the LifeOptions Profile. It is intended to involve the participant deeper into the content of the LifeOptions Program.