Services and Fees

1. I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation. Working remotely right now: by phone, and through Zoom FaceTime and Skype.

2. If you would like to proceed, clients take the Retirement Success Profile, online, 120 (non-threatening) questions.

3. I will assess your profile and incorporate your responses, goals, and needs into our coaching sessions.

Coaching Packages (with Retirement Success Profile)

1. The RSP ONLY: $95

2. RSP plus 1 hour* $255 (Highly Recommended)

3. RSP plus 2 hours $385 (Best Outcome)

*Each “hour” session is 45 minutes.

Please contact me for payment options.

If you would like to explore and address concerns about your retirement and find the costs unaffordable, please contact me to discuss discounted fees.

How many sessions will I need?
That depends on the complexity of your goals and needs. We can discuss and decide together.