Wrong Decision

I often hear clients express fear about making the wrong decisions in this new phase of life. Entering retirement poses new challenges about how one will spend their time, money and energy. Some of these concerns require navigating feelings one has not dealt with before. Taking risks and trying new things can raise one’s anxiety. Some are fearful of change. However, if one has a an interest or passion in expanding and exploring new horizons, then there is no wrong decision.
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Being With What Is!

There are things we don’t want to happen, but we have to accept; things we don’t want to know but we have to learn; and people whom we can’t live without, but we have to let go. (Author Unknown) Retirement offers time to reflect, integrate and grieve…and move on with a fuller capacity to enjoy what life has to offer. I can help you successfully move into the next phase.
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Accepting Change

One of the most challenging aspects of moving towards retirement is figuring out what one will do with TIME. Without the structure of work and work friends, taking the time to create a plan is vital to a successful retirement. This transition will often bring up feelings of loss ands questions about one’s usefulness and how one matters. It is hard to flow with all the changes. I have worked with many folks who now take the time to deal with old wounds and unfinished business. It’s worth the effort to address these concerns to clear the way for newness.images-3
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Awaken Your Passion

While we all know that growing older brings a growing awareness of our mortality, it is also an opportunity to shed old roles that never felt authentic and explore dormant wants and dreams. Giving yourself permission to have imaginings about what you want to do or be is an important dimension of life.  I have frequently heard clients say that their parents
told them an artistic interest or pursuit they had as a teenager or young adult was foolish and wouldn’t bring them happiness.  Now, though, more free from earlier constraints, you can choose to ‘follow your bliss’ as the saying goes.
When you do, even just once, you will have transcended old scripts that will surely bring a smile to your face.footer
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Staying Present in the Moment

With all our advanced and ultra fast technology, we are being encouraged, if not programmed to get ahead of ourselves.  Some people I know with years of work before retirement are already thinking and planning for 5, 10 years ahead.  And then…the moment is gone….the one with the sunrise or morning chill; or listening to the birds chirping and noticing our breath.  It’s a daily discipline to be mindful and stay in the present. Sometimes, it is helpful to put your hand over your heart and just allow yourself to notice the heart pumping…especially useful when you are stressed and feel out of sorts.Unknown-1
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Changing Priorities

The You Matter ManifestoAs we age our priorities change.  After age 60, our focus lessens on work  as most of our career goals have probably been met, and concerns about family and life meaning begin to predominate our thoughts.  Our bodies, as well, have changing needs which requires many of us to pay more attention and care about what we eat and how we tend to our physical temple.

The issue of mattering and having a purpose is a primary factor in living a full life after retirement.  Now that your work identity is no longer and social contacts shift, finding a path of meaning can provide you with the most satisfaction. Whether it’s following a dream, trying something new (which is not so simple) or making room for a contemplative path; your time is important and it’s important to make time for what stirs you.  
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The New Retirement

new-adventureThe old retirement framework of sitting on the porch ‐ waiting for life to pass – does not fit anymore. Today, the New Retirement concept offers people the opportunity to approach retirement as the Next Phase of your life. Are you ready?
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Change Promises Growth

Some people I know of retirement age with lots of talents and secure finances are reluctant to retire because they ask, “what will I do with myself?” If you have been working for 30 or 40 years for 8 – 12 hours a day, 5 days a week, it is a big step to let go of the work ‘reins’ and explore the endless wonderful opportunities retirement has to offer. With work identity intertwined with your sense of self, it does take time and patience to ‘allow’ yourself something new. I’ve heard client stories about always loving languages and wanting to live elsewhere and others not having a clue about what to pursue. Change promises growth…
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