What are you planning for the next phase of your life?

How will you find meaning in your life after work?

What dreams would you like to pursue?


 When I began working with Ricki, I felt lost. I had recently become a widow in my early 50s and my children had all grown up and left home.  I was eligible for retirement, but had little other than my work to focus on. I decided I needed professional assistance to help with my transitions. I was impressed with her ability to help me sort through my situation and devise strategies to move forward, both in my personal and professional life. She led me through exercises which helped to clarify my priorities and give me a sense of direction. Her experience as a therapist enabled her to reach beyond the obvious and assist me in the identification of  issues which needed to be resolved to successfully move forward. I highly recommend Ricki Geiger as an outstanding, insightful, and caring coach for your personal transitions. Karen A.    
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I CAN HELP!  With 34 years clinical experience I am especially skilled in helping clients identify concerns and making a plan to help you achieve your retirement goals.   If you are unsure what you will do when you retire; how to find meaning; or perhaps you and your spouse are facing new communication challenges; I combine decades of training with my blend of warmth, intellect, humor, compassionate questioning and a deep knowledge base to connect you with your experience and make a happy and successful retirement.

Ricki L. Geiger, LCSW, CRC
Licensed Clinical Social Worker Certified Retirement Coach ricki@creativeretirementnow.com 919.929.8559

   Why is Retirement Coaching Necessary?

  • Most people do not fare well in retirement. Thoughts and feelings about aging, loss of identity, structure, purpose and meaning create stress, anxiety and depression.
  • People live an average of 30 years post retirement; one embarks on a new phase of life.
  • Retired men over 72 years of age have the highest rate of suicide.
  • There is increased boredom and feelings of lostness.
  • Transition 'from' and readjustment 'to' is often difficult to navigate alone!
  • Relationship changes from work buddies to the home require more developed communication skills, especially listening.
  • Time, once filled by external demands, takes on a new meaning.

   Why do I Need Professional Help?

  • Having a successful retirement is more than just stopping work. Old and new feelings, and/or unresolved issues may surface and need to be explored! YOU NEED A PLAN!
  • The ‘new’ retirement recognizes that baby boomers have decades of living post work.
  • Retirement Coaches help you plan, consider, and dream big!
  • As a Certified Retirement Coach, Ricki Geiger brings her 31 years of psychotherapy expertise to help her clients retire successfully.

  How do I Get Started?

I offer a free 15-minute phone consultation.  We can meet in person, by phone and through     Skype. To set up the free 15-minute consultation email: ricki@creativeretirmentnow.com or   call 919.929.8559.

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